Snellville Honors Volunteers of the Year

Kurt-Gretchen VOTY
Kurt and Gretchen Shulz accept the Marcy Pharris VOTY from Mayor Pro Tem Tom witts

For the past few years, “Cut To The Chase” posts have largely dealt with Snellville City Council matters. Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of those posts focused on explanations of the controversies that have plagued the city. Although my intention was to present accurate facts in an effort to quell the negative publicity the city was receiving, my posts seemed to increase the negative dialogue, rather than reducing it. So  November 6, 2013 was the date of my last post regarding Snellville city matters.

As you might expect, negative publicity has continued. That’s unfortunate because it overshadows the truly great things that are happening in Snellville. The best evidence that Snellville is moving in a positive direction, and not being held hostage by a group of petty, self-serving throwbacks, is the city’s Marcy Pharris Volunteer of the Year (VOTY) Awards banquet that was held at Summit Chase Country Club on March 8th.

Kurt and Gretchen Schulz were the well-deserving winners. Their efforts to transform the Snellville Farmer’s Market and Community Garden@ Snellville from concepts to realities have dramatically changed the city’s social landscape. In accepting the award, Kurt and Gretchen were their typically gracious selves, acknowledging the dedication of a host of other volunteers who are always lending a hand.

This year’s Volunteer of the Year award winner was selected from a group of nominees who were voted volunteer of the year by members of the individual groups that serve the city. The

Individual category volunteers of the year were Gretchen and Kurt Schulz, Snellville Tourism and Trade; Marilyn Swinney, Snellville Farmers’ Market; Kathy Emanuel, Snellville Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association; Ileen Meggison, The Community Garden at Snellville; Ronnie Bentley, The Rotary Club of Gwinnett Sunrise; Grace L. Clower, The Snellville Lions Club.

In Snellville, selecting a Volunteer of the Year is a difficult task because there are so many people who actively participate with one or more of the city’s volunteer groups. For these volunteers, the only payback they seem to want is the opportunity to volunteer for something new.

Snellville residents can be proud of many things concerning their city, and our group of volunteers is at the top of the list.

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