An Election Perspective- The Day After

CityHallnightThe citizens of Snellville spoke yesterday, and their message was loud and clear. They truly want Snellville to be a city of community, a city of progress, a city where everybody is proud to be somebody. By overwhelming numbers, voters elected a slate of candidates with a proven record of serving the best interests of the citizens. Inherent in the vote was a mandate for unity on the Council and an end to the negative publicity that has been an issue for the past two years.

That mandate is all but assured of being met because the three candidates who were elected yesterday have been working with the two standing Council member (who were elected in 2013) to continue moving city in a positive direction and maintaining a responsible fiscal policy. As a member of that Council, I look forward to continue our forward momentum not by just “hitting the ball”, but by knocking it out of the park. Our award-winning Farmers Market, numerous festivals and concerts, the Community Garden, Citizens’ Police Academy and Alumni Association, outstanding police department, Snellville Tourism and Trade Association, entrepreneurship programs, low taxes, high standards of service, outstanding group of volunteers and the new Veterans’ Memorial have been widely noticed throughout Gwinnett County, and beyond. When we get together with Council members from other cities, many express their admiration for the great things we are doing in Snellville.

On Monday November 11th, Barbara Bender, Bobby Howard and Tom Witts will be sworn in, and Snellville will take a giant step forward. I am honored to be a part of that Council and to be able to work with four other Council members who are dedicated to making everybody in Snellville proud to be somebody.

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