“Build Back Better”- A Bigger Portion of What Americans Don’t Want

Biden Asleep

Think of this like a restaurant. The voters are saying this food sucks and the Democrats say ‘I’ve got it, bigger portions.”

That’s a comment I recently heard and I think accurately captures the failure of the president and Congress in addressing the issues of the greatest concern to Americans. Instead of focusing on lessening taxes, and improving education and public safety, they are pushing “Build Back Better” legislation- something the majority of Americans don’t want.

The comment above was made during a discussion about Joe Biden’s response to the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s elections result. Biden and his Congressional allies seem to think that the delay in passing “Build Back Better”is largely responsible for the recent election results. They fail to recognize, or admit, that a majority of Americans do not approve of this financial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

After I posted the quote above on social media, one commenter stated, “Biden has to believe Americans are the the stupidest creatures on the planet.” I largely disagree with that statement because I don’t think he’s sharp enough to arrive at that conclusion. I also believe he doesn’t arrive at many conclusions because someone else is calling the shots. Biden is just a puppet.

Biden has been directed to try shoving the “build back better” plan down our throats and his handlers don’t care that the majority of Americans see through the plan for what it is- socialism-inspired over-spending and overreach.

According to a recent ABC-Ipsos poll, 32% of the respondents thought build back better would negatively affect people like them, 18% thought it would make no difference and 25% thought it would help. The remaining 25% didn’t know. Clearly, if given a choice, 50% of the respondents would vote against the plan and only 25% would be in favor of it.

The Biden administration (or if you prefer, the “Brandon administration”) has other problems. The Ipsos poll also found, “On a wide range of other issues, less than half of the American public approve of Biden’s job performance including the economic recovery (47% approve), taxes (44% approve), crime (43% approve), gun violence (39% approve), Afghanistan (34% approve), or immigration and the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border (31% approve).”

Add to that, the large number of people chanting, “Let’s go Brandon”, and it’s clear most Americans, and many people in other countries, view the Biden presidency as a dismal failure.

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