Signs, Signs- Everywhere A Sign

During campaign season, political signs pop up like weeds.

You can always tell when election time is approaching- campaign signs start popping up like weeds. Campaign signs are obviously intended to encourage people to vote for a particular candidate, but they also tell a story. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that. They don’t understand that signs don’t vote. That has been proven time and again when candidates with the fewest number of signs have won elections.

During campaign season, you see are signs everywhere. Candidates put them on street corners, under lights, on vacant property, anywhere they think they will be seen. That’s a big problem because it is illegal to put signs in the public right-of-way or on private property without the permission of the property owner.

So when you see a campaign sign within a foot or two of the curb, or on a vacant piece of property, you have to ask yourself, “Do I really want to vote for a candidate who doesn’t follow the rules? Or doesn’t even know the rules?

For the past few years, I have been part of “Sign Team 6” and we have put out a lot of signs for a number of candidates. I can absolutely assure you that every single sign placed by this this team is put up on private property with the permission of the property owner. And we only put signs up for candidates who are committed to following the rules. For the upcoming May 24th election, those candidates include Carla Brown, Butch Conway, Shawn Bratton, Ronnie Batchelor, Brett Harrell and Joyce Chandler.

One of the reasons candidates put up signs on private property without the permission of the property owner is that it implies support. If you drive by a neighbor’s house and see a candidate’s sign in the yard, your natural response is to assume the neighbor supports that candidate and gave his or her permission for placement of the sign. So if a sign mysteriously shows up on your property, you are perfectly within your rights to remove it. If you don’t, you’re sending the message that you support that particular candidate.

And do you really want to support a candidate who can’t or won’t do things right?

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