Gwinnett’s Leadership- A Source of Pride

Every day I have the pleasure of learning something new about Gwinnett County. As I travel around, I notice progress that has been made almost everywhere I look. I have been fortunate enough to witness first hand, some of the decisions that have brought about this progress, and I can’t help but think how lucky we are to have the right people in place. Gwinnett County leadership, as well as the leadership of each of Gwinnett’s cities, has made this a county that is a great source of pride for the entire state of Georgia.

While I am not an expert on government affairs, nor do I claim to be, I have seen first-hand how changes and improvements are made. It takes a collective, cooperative leadership team to get things done. Even when they don’t agree on an issue, Gwinnett’s leaders all work
together to keep us moving forward. Whether it’s building a bridge, improving the traffic situation, or just simply taking the time to listen, we in Gwinnett have been blessed with great leadership. The result is a shared VISION: To keep Gwinnett, and for that matter, all of Georgia the best place to live, work and play!

Over the next several months you will have the opportunity to meet several of our Gwinnett delegation as they hit the campaign trail. I encourage each of you to take a moment to meet them, and thank them. Their job takes them away from family and friends, but
they do it unselfishly and with passion.

Remember the decisions they make are often difficult and they don’t only affect you, they affect them as well– they live here too.

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