Hillary Clinton- What Has She Done?

Hillary Clinton appears to be the Democrat candidate for president and that leads to an obvious question- what has she done to deserve the nomination? Exactly what has Hillary accomplished? What are her achievements? Has she done anything to help build America? Or even protect us?

I for one don’t see where she has accomplished anything that warrants her being nominated to be President. She claims that she wants to help those in need like students who have piled up debt, those who have lost jobs, those who have no insurance, and those who just deserve a fair shake. Well folks that’s not how the real world works. You must learn, not to prosper, but to simply survive by making choices. Yep that’s pretty much it. You choose to rack up debt, you must repay it. You chose to cheat others, you get caught, you accept the consequences. You choose not to work, you suffer the consequences. You choose to commit a crime, you guessed it, you suffer the punishment. You allow others to break the rules, you suffer the consequences.
Nobody is responsible for you or your circumstances except you. You make the choices for your life so you must figure out how to make it better. Not someone else. I know people who spend 500 a month on lottery tickets hoping to hit it big. They can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes or even lunch, but they can afford those tickets. Should we bail them out?  Who made the choice to buy the tickets? They did!!! So don’t complain to me when you can’t pay your bills…..you had a choice….you made it…..now suffer the consequences and don’t expect a dime from me.
The Democrats want to give you everything and make it “fair”. How is it fair to take money from people who are successful and give it to those who choose to be unsuccessful? We’re not talking about people who are truly in need of help- we’re talking about people who think they’re entitled to help because they don’t think they should be responsible for their bad choices.
We are now nearing the end of an administration that has spent eight years stealing from the rich and giving, not to those who feel entitled. Do we really want another president who does the same thing?

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