Once again, the words, “YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER” rang out at a Snellville City Council meeting.  And once again, the only thing out of order was the person doing the shouting. On this occasion, a citizen came to the podium to express her thoughts about comments made during the July 9th meeting. But before she said more than, “I wasn’t at the July 9th meeting, but I watched the video”, Kelly Kautz called her out of order for making a personal attack. When the citizen refused to have her rights abrogated, Kautz went so far as to have the podium microphone turned off. Ultimately, after suffering the humiliation of being shouted down in a public meeting, the citizen was allowed to continue

Kautz’s actions were rude, insulting and totally uncalled for. Once again, she has brought negative publicity to Snellville. Citizens deserve to know the full details of this unfortunate event, and in due time they will.

More to come….

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