Divided We Stand, Part 2

Divided We StandThe seeds of division within the Snellville City Council, were sown a number of years ago, when Emmett Clower, who had been mayor for 26 years, was defeated by Brett Harrell. From all appearances, Clower never got over the loss, and every election cycle, there seems to be at least one attempt to discredit whoever is running against “the old guard’s” chosen candidate.

The following video addresses some of those issues and provides a little more insight into the division within Snellville’s City Council. On a more positive note, in spite of the political climate, Snellville continues to make progress. The City has one of the lowest tax millage rates in the county, yet offers its citizens an outstanding level of service. It also has an outstanding group of volunteers who are instrumental in the city’s hosting of a number of festivals during the year, the award-winning Snellville Farmer’s and the new Community Garden.

Divided We Stand- a short video


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