A Retreat, A Boot and A Wart

Give Hunger the bootLast week was a busy one for members of the Snellville City Council. On Saturday, we held our retreat  at the Evergreen Center in Stone Mountain and discussed a number of subjects related to the Council and the city.  Moderator Murry Weed of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government did an excellent job leading the discussions and providing insight. City Attorney Kevin Tallant also attended and provided a variety of legal perspectives. I think we all left with a better understanding of each other and the ways in which we can work more efficiently. And I think that was obvious at Monday evening’s council meeting.

Personally, the high point of that meeting was the council resolution making April “Give Hunger the Boot Month in Snellville”. This program  has been instrumental in raising over $7,000 in food and financial contributions for the Southeast Gwinnett Food CoOp in the six months since it was introduced. (You’ll find more information at www.givehungertheboot.com  )

The resolution recognizing Give Hunger the Boot was approved by a 5-0 vote. (I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to participate in the vote, so I abstained.) Virtually every other issue that came up for a vote passed unanimously. I can’t remember another Council meeting where so many items were approved by a 6-0 vote.

In fact, the whole meeting was pretty much blemish free. Until a wart appeared at the end.

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